Unforunately this evening I became aware that Christoph Gutjahr wrote an apparently consciously distorted article based on my recent BoingsWorld interview's story on OpenGLES2 and Nova. Originally posted on amiga-news that thing spread to various forums and facebook already, of course.
The headline alone is a factual distortion already ('Daniel Müßener abandons the port of OpenGL ES 2' / 'Daniel Müßener legt Arbeit an OpenGL ES 2 nieder').

This is a hoax!

It suggests that the project had been canceled. This is not true. The project has been orderly finished some weeks ago. The wrapper is being used by various developers. It is unexplainable what led Gutjahr to the idea that this wasn't the case. The facts are well presented in the interview.

The following has to be said about the article's text:
Out of the 29 minutes of the interview about 5 minutes containing (partially massive) AEON / Nova criticism were carefully chosen. Those were blown up further by almost not mentioning neutral or positive aspects and by very deliberately picking some nice catch words. All this was put into a context that ultimately leads to the wrong, although apparently coherent in terms of this article, final passage which fits the headline by claiming that work had been stopped / which here reads: it was abandoned / failed.

Correct is that I had huge trouble with Nova bugs and limitations that could have been comunicated before project start to a large degree. By (not just) my definition Nova was alpha at this time. I really vent my respective anger in the interview, no doubt on that. At the end of the OGLES2 project its status was that, especially because of still missing SPIR compiler features, it still won't be usable for real-world ports.

Of course huge parts of the interview are about negative things. After all it's mostly about the trouble I had developing OGLES2. So I spent lots of minutes explaining various issues. But the point is that only some at best netto 5 minutes of the interview are actually hard criticism. But those are exactly the catch-phrases that were selected while missing out everything else. The totally misleading headlines and end-paragraphs which indicate(d) a project failure are the final touch of this biased distortion.

Apparently Gutjahr totally failed to hear that I also say that Nova is a good thing, a huge step into the right direction, something with lots of potential. And that I believe that many issues will be resolved pretty soon. And that Entwickler-X are apparently pretty happy with that stuff already, those statements all went by the board. As well as my statement that the initial development of a game on Amigas and later port to other OGLES2 devices would work by now already.

Besides that, the article is filled with small tiny inaccuracies which induce nice subtle assessments. Here's an example:
'He's willing to give it another go if Nova reaches a more mature state'
The if-part a) wasn't said in the interview and b) makes zero sense, because a more mature state is the prerequisite for additional work on OGLES2. But this if-sentence gives everything this tiny little additional taste... And there's more like that.
Well, and the article's ending, which for every normal person reads as if the project had been canceled, well. I can only speculate about his agenda.

If Gutjahr was really interested in the true objective status of Nova / OGLES2, here it is:
Nova still has severe issues, OpenGLES2 inherits those (and most likely has its own undiscovered bugs) of course, therefore it's all not as useful as Nova's public status 'pre-release' indicates. Nova is being improved, OpenGLES2 will automatically improve with it, with the exception of some things that will have to be implemented as soon as Nova supports those. Despite all the issues during development OpenGLES2 is at the best possible state right now which I'd probably mark as early beta if considering that only few people test it and also considering that there are some missing pieces.
The project was a success, not a failure. Nova itself is a success if you take it as what it is: somewhere between alpha and beta. IMHO it cannot be described as 'pre-release' though.

Yes, if he would have wanted to he could as well have formulated his article this way.

Update #1:
In the meantime at least the headlines have been changed.

Update #2:
Well, obviously he didn't learn the lesson because unfortunately Gutjahr spreads disinformation once again.
Between timestamps minute 54 and 57 in the interview his false claims in this new article regarding my status / involvement can easily be proven wrong.
In the comments section to his article he often tells us that he's "quoting from memory"... Well, then I'll believe the best and asume that his memory-capabilities are rather limited.
In the abovementioned interview's section I say very clearly that A-EON can come back to me if they want to extend OGLES2 V1 (the version that was successfully finished and worked best possible back then, the version that was not canceled despite his first article telling us sth. different) and that the conditions for such a work will have to be negotiated.
And that A-EON, Hans and me apparently continue to produce nice fresh version, that's no real news, isn't it?!
So, I didn't "reverse" my opinion at all - because my opinion was a different one than what Gutjahr claims it was. Exactly that what I outlined as possible scenario in the interview happened, simple as that.