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Since 2011 GoldenCode aka Daniel 'Daytona675x' Müßener develops or helps developing quality games for all major so called "next-generation" Amiga flavours:

AmigaOS4, MorphOS and AROS

Wings Remastered

No, it's not fully done yet! But release is close, for real!
But there are fresh demo-versions available for download :)

Important links:

Preorder here
Many screenshots (Facebook)
My Youtube channel with lots of Wings development videos

Latest Demos

Important: those are recent in-development-builds, which may crash sometimes... The new compositing-renderer is not fully done, so the compositing-demo will come later. The demos cycle through 11 levels; especially AI is still wip among other more minor stuff.
Have fun!

Demo-Version for AmigaOS4 Warp3D
Demo-Version for MorphOS TinyGL
Demo-Version for AROS x86 OpenGL

Antique Prototype Demos

The antique demos of the very first prototype are still available here. For comparison, could be fun.

Antique demo version for AmigaOS4 Warp3D
Antique demo version for AmigaOS4 Compositing
Antique demo version for MorphOS TinyGL
Antique demo version for AROS x86 OpenGL


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