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Souverän Soccer

Souverän Soccer is Daytona675x's wip Super Formation Soccer (SNES) like game for unaccelerated stock Amiga 1200 / CD32 machines.
It features a 3D experience similar but actually far superior compared to that SNES Mode7 game:
Smooth 50Hz, full PAL low-res screen, fine-textured grass with distance shading, up to more than 700 colors simultanously on screen, smoothly zoomed goals, players and spectators, etc.
Follow the development progress on the dedicated Youtube playlist.

Atomic Bomberman Fan Remake

A blast from the past! Literally... Daytona675x, the best equipped man in code business, is proud to present his latest lucubration:

the fantastic free Atomic Bomberman fan rewrite (original game CD required, of course).

Because of the ongoing and probably also long going Corona crisis, support for online gaming has been added. This is our contribution to make social distancing a bit easier to sit through. Please note that the online-match-code is to be considered beta, it isn't really tested in depth and still uses suboptimal TCP instead of UDP.

There are multiple variants available, make sure to pick the right one for you:
You may also want to take a look at the dedicated development Youtube playlist or the whole GoldenCode channel.
Don't forget to check out the readme for further notes, hints, instructions and stuff.

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